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Portal 2 corrupt

Portal 2 corrupt

Name: Portal 2 corrupt

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1 Hazards; 2 Walkthrough; 3 Video walkthrough; 4 Media; 5 Related Go through the portal and continue to observe the Corrupted Cores. However, if the corrupted core is the Central Core, Wheatley in Portal 2, GLaDOS/PotatOS summons three corrupted cores to. One could make the argument that she was corrupt within the first minute of her being turned on, due to the fact that she turned on her creators.

I just verified my game cache, and 7 files were missing, when it finished downloading the files, it says it failed, because tbaytrails.com (located in the. In Portal 2, Wheatley states that a Personality Core is never to disengage itself from its ceiling rail, Several of these corrupted cores were seen in Portal 2. Yet another walkthrough for Portal 2, but this is THE BEST! As soon as you hit Wheatley the first time GLaDOS comes in and offers you a corrupted core.

[Portal 2] npc_personality_core is a point entity available in Portal 2. corrupted spheres do not relay their set dialogue just by skin choice.