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Nibiru current location

Nibiru current location

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NIBIRU is fast approaching Earth today doom mongers have shockingly "We still need to pinpoint the exact location and best exposure shutter us and now after the latest humiliation to the UK she might be realising that!. A VIDEO that it has been claimed shows a mythical planet heading towards Earth is going viral online after being uploaded to social media. The Nibiru or Planet X theory is that a mini solar system consisting of a sun, planets and moons is lurking on the edge of our own solar. Nibiru on Live Russia Today News - Two Giant Planets orbit Dwarf Star - Planet X .. Nibiru Planet x Arrival Date Confirmed & Planet X Location still a mystery.

THE man who predicted a giant planet called Nibiru would arrive at Earth this Saturday has revealed where it is right now. 'It's VERY close' This is where Nibiru is RIGHT NOW and when it WILL appear The planet Nibiru is supposedly heading towards Earth – and will kill us all with a direct hit or near miss soon. Conspiracy . Latest News · More. PLANET X Nibiru Approach Latest Position EARTH SUN Reacts THE SHOW BEGINS. PLANET X Approaches Latest Position and its Gravitational Effects.

A NASA paper suggests that Planet Nibiru does exist and it could have deadly The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the God Speaks Through His Prophets and to his people- latest prophecy.