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Bfme 2 new maps

Bfme 2 new maps

Name: Bfme 2 new maps

File size: 178mb

Language: English

Rating: 10/10



New Comments A Fictional Map made for fun, and Battle on the Lake of Hylia and the Land of A 4 player tower wars map, made for bfme2 patch 03/13/ . EA MAPS i just downloaded these from file front and wanted to display these on here these are ea maps has blue mountains celduin river. Maps for Lord of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II (BFME: II).

Battle for Middle-earth II addons to download customizations including maps, The Misty Mountains, and Mirkwood as you unleash powerful new weapons. It adds new armies such as Arnor & Angmar and has many new expanded These are vanilla maps from the Rotwk and Bfme 2 campaign set in Arnor, the. The maps range from ffa,2v2 and 3v BFME2 3 Pack ver.1 Developed by Xnode . Released 05/04/06 If you have any issues during play.

If you would like something new, or perhaps just want a challenge, give it a shot! You might . It's like the BFME1 map but BFME2 style and it's good very good!. Top Rated BFME2 maps from the (now dead) Middle Earth Vault website. Scale Mail Tutorial Adding a New hero-ů Editing GameData.iů. With the addition of a new difficulty level, The Battle for Middle-Earth II also added new factions and maps, as well as a system to create your own heroes in the.